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Motamec Single Sytec 979

It is supplied as a kit at a competitive pump Sytec 979 genuine filter and Bosch F5021

High quality product Motamec precision made for use in motor sports

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Mount unit to filter and fuel injection pump simple Sytec Motamec kit and manifold - Complete with fuel pump Sytec 979 and filter Bosch

Injection pump compact and lightweight and mounts filter complete with all accessories

Brackets alloy machined by CNC o-rings internal support the pump and the filter, reduce vibration and lengthen the life

Mounting Base alloy (weld on bracket available separately)

The manifold banjo alloy billet, CNC machined connects the pump and the filter

Supplied with all bolts banjo, adapters, fittings, washers, etc

Manifold banjo has ease of take-off on both ends

Black anodized finish

Complete with pre-filter fuel bullet

-8 Input JIC / -6 Exit JIC

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