Mensaje Mcj Abarth

Connecting rods forged Guy Croft

Crankset race, approved by GC: any model of Fiat / Lancia 8v and 16v

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GCRE do not supply piston for these models unless you use pins wrist fully floating, which means that you will need some models of rods race with pins pins fully floating.

If it requires a machining of relief valve to custom, the owner should check all the valves for dry construction before constructing the head and specify the diameter of the valve and the depth of relief of the valve if it returns to GCRE to which the machining is adequate. The elevation of the valve should be set to TDC on the overlap cost is: (for piston kit of 4) 2 reliefs per piston 130 €, 4 reliefs per piston 260 €.

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