Banjo Goodridge 90 ° in aluminum .
Applications:Sistemes power and carburetor.
Compatible with the hose of the series 00-06

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The hose of nitrile braided Goodridge 200 Series is the hose of nitrile braided stainless steel high range. Designed according to the specifications of extraction of Goodridge and manufactured exclusively for Goodridge, this hose has been supplied to champions in the world of motorsport for many years.
This hose 200 series is designed for use with a wide range of racords aluminum reusable and provides protection and resistance essential to a high-pressure, temperature, vibration, fire risks and chafing. It is built with a CPE synthetic inner with no seams with a braid integral stainless steel and an outer braided of high tensile strength stainless steel. The hose 200 series has the higher threshold of corrosion and fire resistance of any hose of nitrile braided stainless steel available.
Can be used with all synthetic lubricants, fuels, oils, coolants and alcohols including methanol and nitromethane. This hose is made perfectly for an efficient and safe with the racords of the series 136, 1136, 236, 336 and 2776. This is the hose races by definition.

-Hose Goodridge for systems with gas, oil, refrigerants, water and alcohols such as methanol.
-Inner diameter: 8,73 mm
-Outside diameter:13,89 mm
-Working pressure: 69 bar / 1000 PSI
-Maximum pressure:414 Bar / 6000 PSI
-Color : Inox
-Temperature range:-46ºC / 150ºC
-Weight per meter: 0,201 KG
-Sold per metre

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